Monday, January 5, 2009

Tattoo Confessions/The Elixr

For you people I have these numbers on my neck that meam I am going to die. Soon.


I made it back to the cave to find my parents and Sara. They were inside and I was thankful for that. My mom was bandaging a cut she had but she stopped when she saw me and ran to hug me, then I got a nice hug from my father and finally I picked up my brother and we hugged. Then Sara came up and fwo;egh;owia;ouy;oerui;oruo;uroiuero;uer;hjgkbmv happened. Translation: She hugged me and aannnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddd KISSED me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay enough jiberish. That kisssssss. I had never kissed a girl like that. And we were so happy at the moment.

SO after a bit of talking my mom noticed the numbers on my neck. She said "Whats that honey?"
As much as I hate her saying "honey" to me I knew it was time to talk. But, I had some more information YOU dont know about. O.0.o.

"Well, that means I'm going to die. But don't freak out!" I said quickly.
No use. She fainted, but luckly my dad caught her.
He said, "WHAT! You're going to DIE!!!!! Why didn't you tell us!?"
My mom had woken up and was gaping and crying and hugging me and being VERY weird.
I said, "That's not all; there's good news"
"You know it took a few days for me to come right? One night I was on the comuter I stole from the man and he doesn't work for Itex, he works for a company called 'Genora'. It seems to be very... morally grey. I was looking on his emails and one said 'John, find specimen named {insert what you think my real name is}' another said 'come to lab 64 at HQ, we want you to test the expiration date removal' later in that email it had a longatude and latitude for the HQ. When I was in his email and there was a link so I clicked on it and it had lists. On top it said 'Specimens from Itexicon that will be expired soon' and sure enough my name was on it."

"I gotta go there" I said. And the next day we were moving.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


just welcome, thats all